Tianbai "Sweet White" Cup Pair

Tianbai "Sweet White" Cup Pair



  • 2 x Cups (70 ml / 2.37 oz)

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A contemporary twist on Yongle kiln’s famous Tianbai porcelain. Tianbai literally means “sweet white”. Yongle porcelain products are famous for their semi-bodied thickness and gentle glaze that gives off an eggshell-like lustre.

The teaware comes in a milky white colour with a sandal brown trim that accentuates its shape. The material feels exquisite and gives off a crisp sound that is synonymous with high quality porcelain teaware. The matte finish also helps to keep this tea set unassuming and yet beautiful at the same time. The best part would be that it is made of white porcelain, which works well with almost all teas since it does not absorb the flavours and provides a neutral background for the true colour of the tea to be observed. 


  • 2 x Cups (70 ml)

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