WYMM [waɪm] contains the acronyms of a phrase Wei Yu Mang Mang (惟余莽莽) from a Chinese poem Qin Yuan Chun Xue (沁园春·雪). Wei Yu Mang Mang means pureness and whiteness without boundary. Just like the name suggests, we are here to share our understanding of pu-erh tea without reserve, and to bring to you the finest pu-erh from the birthplace of world’s tea - Yunnan. We are based in Kunming, China, and currently reside in Vancouver, Canada. Pu-erh to us is a family tradition and a way of life that we would like to share with tea enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs around the world. Having familial ties with the local tea producers and renowned scholars in the pu-erh industry, we pride ourselves on having the access to first-hand knowledge and genuine product to offer a selection of finest ancient tree pu-erh that can be found nowhere else. 



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