1. Boil water to 100˚C or 212˚F, preferably with soft or spring water.

  2. Take 7 grams of tea leaves out from the center of the concave side of tea cake, using the tea needle provided.

  3. Place the leaves in the teapot (250mL).

  4. The first 2-3 steeps are to wash away dust and to expand the leaves. For each steep, pour boiling water into teapot, and strain after 10 seconds.

  5. Starting from 3-4 steeps, pour boiling water into teapot and strain after 5 seconds. For each subsequent steep, increase the infusion time by 1 second or estimate by the colour of tea (ensure same intensity as the first 5 steeps). Enjoy your pu-erh!

Note: the exact volumes and weight are approximate. The brewing of pu-erh tea is arbitrary and based on personal preferences, this should just serve as a general guideline.