Tea Stem

Tea Stem

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  • handmade item

  • materials: big-leaved arbor tea leaves

  • shape: loose leaf

This shou pu-erh brews dark red liquor with a honey flavor and jasmine rice aroma.

Tea stems are selected from piles of shou pu-erh, which are produced by applying the modern pile-fermentation technology known as wodui on maocha. The wodui process allows enzymes to react with polyphenols, sugar and protein from the leaves and stem under an environment with controlled humidity and temperature which adds milk-like smoothness and sweetness to the flavours of the tea. Stems serve as gateways for nutrients to be transported back and forth, and would have similar flavors as the leaves, if not more.

Traditionally, pu-erh and other dark teas are pressed for the ease of storage and transportation. The rigid stems ensure there’s suitable amount of voids in the pressed tea for oxygen, which plays an important role in the natural fermentation.

Shou pu-erh has a warming property that makes it go very easy on stomach. The tea demonstrates a broad spectrum of health benefits including lowering cholesterol, breaking down grease and promoting healthy weight loss.

Infusion instructions: Take leaves 1/4 to 1/3 of teapot volume. For each steep, pour boiling water into teapot, and strain after 10 seconds. The first 3 steeps are used to expand and “wake up” the dry leaves, and we recommend start drinking from the 4th steep. To maximize the tea, we also recommend boiling the tea stem by placing it in an enclosed strainer or tea bag, and leaving it in an electrical or stovetop kettle to boil.

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